Keep Your Floor Looking Like New

To maximize the longevity of your hardwood floors and keep them looking like new, we recommend regular maintenance.

Maintain Constant Humidity

To prevent expansion or shrinkage of your hardwood floor, it is essential that the humidity level for the home remain relatively constant throughout the year, between approximately 45% to 55%. During the summer months, humidity can be controlled by your air conditioning system. The winter months are much drier and an effective humidifier is required to keep a constant level of moisture in the air.

Vacuum the Flooring

Over time, sand and abrasive dust can accumulate. Through normal traffic, this dirt can start to wear down on the finish of the floor. Use a central vacuum (with a special attachment) or a microfiber brush to remove this unwanted dirt.

Clean-up Spilled Liquids

Accidents do happen. So if you spill any liquids on your hardwood floor, make sure to quickly dry it up. The top surface of the flooring is protected, however if water is left too long, can seep in between the joints, causing unrepeatable damage.

Pad Your Furniture

Install felt pads underneath all pieces of furniture to prevent them scratching the floor’s finish. If you are moving furniture from one room to another, pickup the furniture, even if felt pads are installed, as they can become dislodged under heavy load.


If possible, minimize the amount of playtime for your pet on your wood floor. Also make sure that their claws are regularly trimmed to minimize scratching of the floor.

Appropriate Footwear

Do not wear shoes that are dirty. Dirt and gravel on the soles can cause damage to the floor’s finish. High heels should be avoided as well.

Regular Cleaning

We recommend that your wood floor be cleaned using our Premium Hardwood Cleaner product approximately once every 2 – 4 weeks to ensure a brilliant finish that will extend the life of your floor.


Minor knicks and scratches can be restored by the homeowner. For these small marks, you can purchase a repair kit and touch-up pencils. For larger areas of damage, it is recommended that the entire board(s) be removed from the floor and replaced with new wood. Should you need assistance with these types of repairs, we would be happy to help you.

Keep Your Floor At Its Best!

For that perfect shine, try our Premium Hardwood Cleaner. It will keep your new hardwood floor in top condition, or help restore your old floor’s shine.


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