Full Installation Services

We offer complete installation services by our trained installers throughout Southern Ontario. We would be happy to arrange an installation date for you at the time of your order. The benefits of having Total Hardwood Flooring lay your flooring include:

  • highest quality workmanship
  • quick turnaround time
  • full compliance with warranty requirements


If you would like to install our product yourself (or by arranging your own contractor), we have provided detailed instructions for your assistance. Please keep in mind that your installation must following our recommended guidelines for the product warranty to valid.

Depending on the type of wood and the location within the home that the floor will be installed on, there are a variety of installation methods that are available.

Solid Hardwood

Installation of solid hardwood flooring uses a pneumatic nail gun to fasten the planks to a wood subfloor after being knocked into place using a mallet.

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Engineered Hardwood (¾ Inch)

Similar to solid hardwood, the installation of engineered hardwood floors uses a pneumatic nail gun to fasten planks to a wood subfloor after being pre-set.

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Engineered Hardwood (Click Lock)

Engineered click lock flooring requires a floated installation method where the planks are clicked together to form an extremely strong connection.

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Laminate flooring uses a floating installation where the floor is not physically fastened to the sub-floor. A thin pad is placed directly underneath the planks.

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NOTE: For solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, we recommend that the wood be moved into the home 3 – 5 days prior to installation to allow the wood to acclimate to the home’s climate.

How To Measure

Measuring the quantity of wood required for your installation involves more than just multiplying your room dimensions.

Some factors that affect the quantity of wood that you require include:

  • Whether the boards are being installed “straight on”, or at a 45-degree angle
  • The variations in the wood and how much surplus you require (usually about 5% – 10%)
  • The number of transitions and edges that exist in your home
  • The number of closets in your home (and other irregularities)


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